Bad Badger Raw Creamed Honey 500g Glass Jar

Bad Badger Raw Creamed Honey 500g Glass Jar
Brand:Bad Badger Honey
Brief Description:1 x 500g Bad Badger Honey
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Creamed honey is known as the creme de la creme of honey. It is thicker than normal raw honey because it has been mixed with crystalised honey to create a thicker consistency and it becomes lighter through the controlled crystallization process so it looks more caramel in colour.  
Creamed honey is easier to spread on toast and its non drip texture makes it really easy to work with. From a nutritional point of view there is no difference. Creamed honey is often more expensive because it requires a bit of extra work and different packaging to the squeeze bottle.

100% Local South African Honey harvested from a variety of orchards, fields and forests for Bad Badger Honey Farms.

Organic and Ethical.

Description - Glass Jar

Volume - 500g

Bad Badger Honey -

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