Black Insomnia Coffee Nespresso Compatible- 10's

Black Insomnia Coffee Nespresso Compatible- 10's
Brand:Black Insomnia Coffee
Brief Description:10 x Nespresso Compatible Capsules
Price: R100.00
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Coffee Type- Nespresso Capsules

Roast- Medium-light Roast

Origin of Roast- Cape Town Roasted

Perfect For- Espresso, black coffee, full bodied. The world strongest coffee.

Description- For the serious coffee lover. Our blend of some of the best Ugandan, Guatemalan, and Brazilian beans is roasted to just right to give you the hardest caffeine kick you’ve ever had with a smooth, hazelnutty flavour. Get them, grind them, and add water (but not too much). Serving suggestion: no sugar, less milk, more Black Insomnia.

What We Think- A coffee for the more adventurous coffee drinker. Independently proved to have the highest caffeine content in any readily available coffee. Packed in Nespresso Capsules.

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