Caffè Mauro Nespresso® Capsules 10's- De Luxe

Caffè Mauro Nespresso® Capsules 10's- De Luxe
Brand:Caffe Mauro
Brief Description:10 x 5.6g Nespresso® Capsules
Price: R80.00 R75.00
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Coffee Type- Nespresso Capsule

Roast- Medium - Dark Roast

Origin of Roast- Italian Roasted

Description- Blend with a round and aromatic taste made of a high percentage of precious Brazilian and Central American Arabica coffees balanced by the best Asiatic Robusta ones. 70% Arabica - 30% robusta.

What We Think- It is a very aromatic product with a sweet flavour, in which the Arabica coffees are well balanced by a premium quality 30% Robusta coffee with a low caffeine content. Taste it at the coffee bar: it’s more pleasant!

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