Twinings Classics Collection - 20's

Twinings Classics Collection - 20's
Brief Description:5 x 4 Assorted Tagged and Enveloped Teabags
Price: R85.00
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Tea Type- Teabag, Tagged and Enveloped, Black Tea’s

Amount Per Box- 20 Teabags

Perfect For- Trying all of the best Twinings Black Tea’s in all of their glory

Caffeinated- Yes

Description- Twinings popular classic black teas gathered in a box, Earl Gey, Lady Grey, Prince of Wales, Pure Darjeeling and English Breakfast.


  • English Breakfast x 4 tea bags: Black tea
  • Prince of Whales x 4 bags: Black tea
  • Pure Darjeeling x 4 bags: Black tea
  • Lady Grey x 4 bags: Black tea, orange peel (3%), lemon peel (3%), lemon flavoring (2%)
  • Earl Grey x 4 bags: Black tea, bergamot aroma. known at the time.

What We Think- Selection boxes make a lot of sense in terms of getting an idea which black tea is your favourite.Black tea steeping time is best between 2-3 Minutes with boiling water.

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