Expobar Office Leva Single Boiler

Expobar Office Leva Single Boiler
Brief Description:1 x Stainless Steel Coffee Machine Expobar
Price: R20,950.00
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Expobar's Office Leva range of espresso machines offers professional quality in a compact package. This single boiler version may be the pinnacle of heat-exchange type prosumer machines. Its solid construction and copper & brass boiler make it a hardy option even for the avid home or small office user, and it delivers very good temperature stability for a machine without PID.

While it is a simple, manually operated machine, it has a 1.5L boiler capacity and 2.8L tank which means that it can produce anywhere up to 50 espressos per hour, with ample steam and water capacity and the ability to use both at the same time. Its lever operation design and separate steam and water spouts also provide plenty of control and the ability to make any kind of beverage you or your guests might enjoy.

Expobar Office Leva Single Boiler features & specifications

  • 1.5L Copper & Brass boiler
  • Heat exchange system
  • 1200W heating element
  • Boiler & pump pressure gauges
  • Adjustable brewing pressure
  • Adjustable pressure thermostat
  • Vibration pump
  • Professional 58mm E61 group head
  • Professional portafilter with double & single baskets
  • 2.8L water tank
  • 2.3L drip tray
  • Separate steam & hot water dispensing wands
  • Lift off cup warming tray on top
  • Body construction: stainless steel
  • Cup clearance height (drip tray to portafilter): ~8cm
  • Dimensions: 43cm H x 26cm W x 46cm D
  • Weight: ~20kg

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