Handpresso Auto Case

Handpresso Auto Case
Brief Description:1 x Handpresso Auto Case
Price: R1,250.00
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What It Makes- Nothing, it is just a protective case for either the Handpresso Auto or the Handpresso Auto Hybrid

Where Can It Be Used- Anywhere, the perfect transportation tool for the Handpresso auto units.

What Volume Can It Handle- A Handpresso Auto Case

Description- The Auto Case is designed to hold your Auto Machine as well as cups and your coffee. The moldings in the case hold the machine and cups to ensure there is no mess or fuss in your brewing process.


What We Think- Espresso Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace… That sounds just amazing to us, and believe me its even better than that. A true, perfectly extracted espresso every time. We don’t have favourites but with Handpresso we just might…

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