Caffitaly Ecaffe Coffee Capsules Corposo 10's

Caffitaly Ecaffe Coffee Capsules Corposo 10's
Brief Description:10 x 8g Capsules
Price: R75.00
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Coffee Type- Caffitaly Coffee Capsule

Roast- Medium to Dark, 10/10 Strength

Origin of Roast- Italian Roasted

Perfect For- The Caffitaly Home machines, one of our favourite capsules, the slightly larger capsule allows for the correct amount of coffee per shot.

Description- The decisive presence of Asiatic and West African Robusta gives this coffee a strong, solid temperament, slightly sweetened by blending in some Arabica to exalt the flavour. Corposo is a full-bodied, imposing coffee with a light aromatic hint. Coffee with a sharp aftertaste, it is ideal when you are tired and need a real pick-me-up: its strength will help you get going again.

What We Think- Caffitaly is one of our strongest capsule systems. Like the Lavazza in Blu system the capsule is slightly larger allowing for more coffee per shot. One of our best sellers in the store.

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