Ella Cappuccino 6 x 75ml

Ella Cappuccino 6 x 75ml
Brief Description:6 x 75ml Ella Cappuccino
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All you need is boiling water and a sense of adventure. Creating the perfect cappuccino wherever you are has never been easier. Ella is pure espresso, using only the finest dark roasted coffee beans with low fat milk and is preservative free. Ella is kept fresh thanks to a unique oxygen barrier and can be kept on the shelf for up to six months.

  • Shake capsule vigorously for 20 seconds to produce froth.
  • Break open the seal and pour the Ella liquid froth into your cup.
  • Add one capsule of boiling water into your cup.

EXTRA SWEET – Add sugar or sweetener to your cup first before introducing Ella
EXTRA FOAM – The more vigorously you shake, the ‘”finer” the texture of the foam produced
EXTRA HOT – After breaking off seal, you can preheat Ella in microwave if desired
EXTRA COLD – add 250ml crushed ice (in place of boiling water) then add sugar or sweetener as desired
EXTRA WEAK OR EXTRA STRONG – add more or less boiling water, to taste

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