Illy Regular Monodose ESE Pods 18's

Illy Regular Monodose ESE Pods 18's
Brief Description:18 Monodose ESE Pods in Box
Price: R140.00
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Coffee Type- ESE Coffee Pod, 18 Pods.

Roast- Medium Roast

Origin of Roast- Italian Roasted

Perfect For- Any ESE machine, can be used on the Handpresso Products as well.

Description- Most experts today would agree that illy was ahead of its time in the 1970s, finding a way to make high-quality espresso easier to prepare and enjoy.  The E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) pod format presaged today’s popular pre-packed, single cup coffee-making formats, and remains a popular choice for passionate coffee lovers at home.  

Each E.S.E. pod contains a perfectly dosed and tamped measure of the distinctive illy blend, enclosed in environmentally friendly filter paper designed to preserve critical flavor and aromas.  An E.S.E. pod is simply placed inside a compatible machine, and within 30 seconds yields an espresso with the signature illy taste: strong, rich, yet smooth and balanced.  

 What We Think- The perfect way to enjoy a Illy Espresso without having to worry about grinding coffee beans and cleaning up afterwards. Has to be used with a ESE compatible coffee machine.


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