Grumpy Raw Honey 500ml Glass Jar

Grumpy Raw Honey 500ml Glass Jar
Brand:Grumpy Honey
Brief Description:1 x 500ml Glass Jar
Price: R90.00
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Natural, unprocessed and magnified by the power and essence of South African landscapes, Grumpy honey is sweet, distinctive, and complemented with a warm aroma. It is rich in flavour and apiary magic, deepened with a reminiscent linger of nectar from the rolling flower fields.​

Enhanced and uniquely elevated in colour, texture and taste by every season, it’s extracted using traditional methods and bottled by hand.​

Grumpy honey comes from the apiaries located in the open countryside of Mpumalanga South Africa, and is as close to raw and natural as the honeycomb it came from. This honey is unheated, unfiltered, and additive free.

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