Kimbo Extreme Coffee Beans 1kg

Kimbo Extreme Coffee Beans 1kg
Brief Description:1kg Coffee Beans
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Coffee Type- Coffee Beans

Roast- Medium to Dark Roast

Origin of Roast- Italian Roasted

Perfect For- All forms of coffee, it has a slight robusta content which gives the coffee a great balance, definitely not a coffee that’s going to go walk about after you have added some milk.

Description- Kimbo's coffee is perfect for use in cafetieres, filter machines, moka pots and espresso machines. It is vacuum packed to guarantee you the same freshness as the day the beans were roasted.

Kimbo Espresso Top Quality is a blend of the best high-grown Arabica coffees from Central and South America. The exact name of this coffee is Kimbo Espresso Gusto Delizioso e Piacevole. It is best suited for short black espressos or, because of its enormous richness, for mixed drinks with milk (such as Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino). We would not recommend Kimbo Espresso Top Quality to more sensitive coffee drinkers as it gets your temperament, fire, and passion into top gear in less than a wink. It is the ultimate top-quality espresso in the Italian market at the moment. It runs out of the machine like black ink and spreads a deep aroma. This is a fantastic, full-bodied, elegant, and spicy coffee and a complete treat down to the last drop. Full bodied, strong Good crema High caffeine content

What We Think-  This is our go to coffee for anyone wanting a solid everyday performer, offers great consistency. Ideally suited for group machines, where slight adjustments can be made to bring the best out of this coffee.

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