Kimbo Nespresso® Capsules 10's- Napoli

Kimbo Nespresso® Capsules 10's- Napoli
Brief Description:10 x 5.7g Nespresso® Capsules
Price: R80.00
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Coffee Type- Nespresso Capsule

Roast- Dark Roast

Origin of Roast- Italian Roasted

Perfect For- A full bodied, spirited coffee. When we get asked what is a great full bodied, strong coffee, this Is the coffee that first springs to mind. A truly great coffee for the boytjie.

Description- This classic, traditional Neapolitan dark roast is intense and full bodied, well suited for a stronger morning coffee with extra oomph! Kimbo's coffee is perfect for use in Nespresso® Machines

What We Think- A strong, full bodied, vibrant coffee. Great for the coffee drinker looking for the full coffee experience.

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