Nivona 1030 Fully Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Coffee Machine

Nivona 1030 Fully Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Coffee Machine
Brief Description:1 x Nivona 1030 Coffee Machine
Price: R43,700.00
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The 1030 is bigger, faster and packed with the latest technology, like the innovative Aroma Balance System. This model responds perfectly to the needs and requirements of a private household, an office community or a small business. In a firm, a chancellery, a practice or in beauty and hair salons: with the 1030 you can memorize up to 18 personalised coffee recipes for colleagues, employees and costumers.  

The brand new NIVONA CafeRomatica 1030: a delicious way to inspire costumers, motivate employees or enhance the quality of life at home.
Technical Features 
•NEW: Aroma Balance System: Three aroma profiles for a maximum of aroma and precisely defined extraction
•Cappuccino-connoisseur: Depending on your preferences you can either have 1. coffee first and then milk(froth), 2. milk(froth) first and 3. then coffee, or both at the same time. 
•MY COFFE for up to 18 beverages: Memorable beverages additionally to the standard coffee recipes 
for personalized coffee delight
•True OneTouch: OneTouch Spumatore Duo for two cups of cappuccino at the same time 
via touch display
•Two thermo blocks: Less time for preparing beverages due to simultaneous heating of steam for 
hot milk and froth and water for hot coffee
•Live programming of all recipes 
•Extremely low noise, hardened steel conical grinder 
•Removable brewing unit for easy and hygienic cleaning 
•Direct dispension of all beverages 
•Beverages with milk lockable 
•Coffee temperature adjustable in 3 stages 
•Coffee strength adjustable in 5 stages 
•ECO mode and zero watt energy-saving off switch 
•Automatic rinse system for milk frother 
•Hygienic care programmes for cleaning, descaling and rinsing at the touch of a button 
•Up to 16.5 cm height-adjustable coffee outlet 
•Two-coloured cup illumination for an extra aesthetic appeal 
•Automatic level monitoring for water and coffee beans 
•Degree of grinding individually adjustable 
•Holder for milk hose on coffee outlet 
•Heated cup stand 
•Hot water for tea 
•Extra coffee powder compartment 
•Aroma protection lid 
•15 bar pump pressure 
•Easy to move with rear rollers 
•Including two CLARIS fresh water filters, cleaning tablets, milk hose and measuring spoon 
•Including transparent milk container (0,9 l)

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