Teekanne Indian Chai Tea 20's

Teekanne Indian Chai Tea 20's
Brief Description:20 x 2g Tagged Enveloped Teabags
Price: R50.00
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Tea Type- Teabag, Indian Chai with Black Tea

Amount Per Box- 20 Tagged and Enveloped Tea Bags

Perfect For- The chai Tea lover, very strong clover flavour.

Caffeinated- Yes

Description- In many regions of the world, the word 'Chai' is the word used for tea. In India, however, 'Chai' or 'Masala Chai' describes a hot beverage which is prepared using specially selected spices and black tea. Before being served, milk or frothed milk is added. Going to India, you will find this delicious drink anywhere – in trains, at bus stations or on markets. Today, Chai is increasingly gaining popularity all over the world and it is a delicious alternative to coffee.

We suggest to serve the Chai with frothed milk and a hint of sugar or honey. This way you’ll create the perfect ‘Latte’-feeling.

Ingredients- Black Tea, Cinnamon, Chicory Root, Ginger, Cardamom, Natural Flavour Vanilla, Natural Chai Flavour, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Cloves, Star-Anise, Black Pepper

What We Think- A great chai tea in a teabag. Allow for a steeping time of between 3-5 minutes with boiling water.



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