Twinings Tea Box 4 slot-Unfilled

Twinings Tea Box 4 slot-Unfilled
Brief Description:4 slot unfilled tea box
Price: R380.00
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Tea Type- Wooden Tea Box- No Tea Included. 4 Slots.

Amount Per Box- No Tea Included

Perfect For- A gift, home, Office, come to think of it just about anywhere for anyone and for anything!

Caffeinated- No, Wooden Tea boxes are not caffeinated and we do not recommend drinking them.

Description- A beautiful wooden tea box that allows you to display your Twinings tea’s at their very best!

What We Think- One of the most popular items in our store, Twinings in synonymous with quality and this box offers nothing less. A great gift, a great treat for yourself, either way you’ll be sure to enjoy it.

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