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Wicked Coffee Signature Blend Beans 1kg

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Wicked Coffee Signature Blend Beans 1kg An easy drinking blend with an exclusive fusion of South ..

Wicked Coffee Signature Blend Beans 1kg

An easy drinking blend with an exclusive fusion of South American & African origin beans. Brazil and Rwanda are two countries with distinct coffee traditions and characteristics. Each produces coffee beans that reflect their unique region, processing methods, and flavour profiles. Brazilian coffee beans are characterized by their comforting, nutty, and chocolatey flavours, with a lower acidity and a full body. On the other hand, Rwandan coffee beans offer a complex and vibrant flavours profile with bright acidity, floral and fruity notes, and a silky mouthfeel.  A Brazilian-Rwandan coffee blend is a delightful union of flavours that brings together the comforting and nutty characteristics of Brazilian coffee beans with the vibrant, fruity, and floral qualities of Rwandan coffee beans. The result is a well-rounded and sophisticated coffee with a captivating balance, complex depth, and a luxurious mouthfeel. This blend is sure to please a wide range of coffee enthusiasts, offering a memorable and nuanced coffee experience that celebrates the best of both coffee origins.

City Roast - This coffee is a true masterpiece, a celebration of the craft of coffee roasting that transforms a simple beverage into an exquisite experience. The aroma alone is enchanting. As you open the bag, a symphony of scents greets your senses – a deep, earthy richness with nuances of toasted caramel and a subtle floral hint. It's like the promise of a leisurely morning spent in a sophisticated café, where the world pauses for a moment.

Medium Strength & Bodied

Brazil, Rwanda

100% Arabica

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